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Name: Susanne  Middelberg
Alter: 50
Wohnort: 2526NK 

Susanne Middelberg

After completing a modern dance education at the Higher school for Arts in Arnhem, she graduated in 1998 from the Academy for Visual Arts, from the photography department.
Since then she has worked as a freelance photographer making independent work and by order of magazines and theater dance posters.
Susanne specializes in portrait and theater- dance photography.

2014 Monochrome Awards 2014 - Portrait Honorable Mentions
2014 and 2013 Gold Medal for the Trierberg Super Circuit 2014 and 2013
2013 Nomination for the Pf Portfolio Price
2012 Gold Medal of Excellence for the Trierberg Super Circuit
2011 Canon Master
2008 Nomination for for the Pink Ribbon Award
2008 City-award for the Month of Photography.

Exhibitions :
2014 Solo exhibition with her Wonderwomanserie at Soho Photo gallery in Soho, New York
2014 Solo exhibition with her Wonderwomanserie at Galerie van Slagmaat Woerden, NL
2014 Portraits at the Fence in Boston
2012 Photoville, New York .
2012 Gallery United Photo Industries, New York
1998-2011 Further exhibitions at the Holland Dance Festival, Cadance festival in the Hague, Reflex Modern Art Gallery in Amsterdam, the Art Location in Hildesheim, Hollandsche Virgin in Gouda, galerie Fontana Fortuna in Amsterdam.

Publications have appeared in Photo Digitaal, Fotografie, Pf, Focus Magazine, GKF fotografen 2009/2010 and 2011/2012, Ballet- Tanz, Kvk- Kunstenaarswijzer, PANL Photography Annual of the Netherlands and "your most precious possession” published by PANL.

Her book "Buik Bauch Belly”’ a photographical portrayal of pregnant women was published in 2009.

Susanne teaches classes in studio portrait and dark room.
In her classes she focusses on technique, lightening and the development of personal style of the students.
-Portrait and Lightening 1
-Portrait and Lightening 2/ masterclass
For more information about the classes you can visit:

About her photography:
Susanne’s work concerns people and their feelings.
Being human, concerning life. She does not want to make a statement, or be judgmental.
But show how she is touched by people, and what she sees in them.
If someone can be true to their nature, and not pretend to be anything other them themselves it is almost always beautiful. Then people show their openness, vulnerability and love. That is what she wishes to voice in her work.

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